Our mission

The Civic Educational Association is a non-governmental organization (NGO). Our efforts focus on promoting in Poland the idea of a modern school, harmoniously combining education and upbringing. Our other goals are:

• making schools closer to parents and local communities,
• perfecting the Polish education system,
• building a civil society.

We achieve our goals through promoting new forms of education, disseminating knowledge about education, taking care of the teachers’ qualifications and prestige and through cooperation between parents and teachers.  

We set up and run schools where pupils receive comprehensive, thorough education and are taught how to learn throughout their lives. We teach in an atmosphere of freedom. The values taught by the school should develop in our pupils a sense of civic responsibility for Poland and for Europe and an understanding of the principles of sustainable development. We strive to achieve professionalism in school management and we adhere to the non profit principle in their financing.